If for some reason you have been denied access to your website and have trouble sending and receiving emails from the email address associated with your domain , and also access to cPanel as well as Webmail is denied from one or more devices using the same internet connection, the most common cause of these problems is IP address blocking.

There are several reasons why the IP address of your internet connection may be blocked by our server.

In the next few words we will describe the couple of the most common causes that are responsible for IP blockage.

Cause number 1: Wrong login credentials.

Whether it’s a username, password or e-mail address, a single misspelled character or a blank space, may cause an error when trying to access one of our services (cPanel, Webmail, FTP… etc).

(example of wrong login credentials for cPanel)


The same problem can be caused by incorrectly typed parameters for email accounts on the user’s device, as well as incorrectly typed parameters to access the administrative side of the website (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal… etc).

(an example of wrong login credentials for WordPress)

The reason why the wrong parameters cause a certain IP address to be blocked is because the security system is set to respond to multiple consecutive failed logins from one IP address and to block that IP address if a certain number of consecutive failed logins occur in a certain time interval.

Specifically, in our case, for a particular IP address to be blocked, it would take 5 failed attempts to access cPanel or 10 failed attempts to access Webmail within an hour.

Cause number 2: Illegal and malicious scripts or extensions on the lure site.

If the site contains malicious scripts or extensions uploaded by the moderator of the site, or by an unauthorized person (hackers), access to this site may cause our security system to activate and block IP address.

Cause number 3: Distributing Spam Emails.

If server detects large amount of spam emails that are distributed from specific email address, out tech support has the right to prevent that type of emails by suspending the hosting account or block the IP address.

Our clients have the option to unblock the IP address on their own. Details on this can be found at this link.