In the following text, we will describe in detail how to login to your Eutelnet account, where you can modify your contact information, view copies of all received emails that were sent to your email address, view and download paid and unpaid invoices to your computer, make a new orders, open / view support tickets… etc.

In internet browser you are using (Firefox, Chrome, Edge) you need to open our site, then click on the link “Пријава“, located in the upper right corner of the site.login link

When you click on the link above, a new page will open, where you can enter your login credentials.


In field “Мејл адреса“, you need to enter your e-mail address which you have submitted during registration of your Eutelnet account.
And in the field “Лозинка” you need to enter the password you have defined during registration, which we also have sent to you in the email after activation of your Eutelnet account.
After that, clicking on the button “Пријава” to login on your Eutelnet account.login button
If you have forgotten your password, you can recover it by clicking on the link “Заборављена лозинка“.
For more detailed instructions on how to recover the password for your Eutelnet account, can be found in the text at this link.